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Wall Mounted Water Boilers

Our range of wall-mounted water boilers are permanently plumbed, electric water heaters with an insulated hot water container. Water is heated by an electric heating element and the temperature is controlled within predetermined limits. As boiling water is drawn off, the unit refills with cold water. The replenishment rate allows the element to heat the incoming water as it enters the container so that it only dispenses water at the required temperature. Any steam generated during the heat up cycle is condensed and retained within the unit.

Flexible and versatile water boilers

Our wall mounted water boilers are flexible and versatile making them at home in almost any working environment. The busier the company or organisation, the more effective the hot water boiler is. Their simple, instant operation is ideal for a bustling office, shop, and factory, hospital or school staff room - indeed any location where saving time and money is important.

  • Insulated for safety and economy
  • Easy to use large non drip taps
Wall Mounted Water Boiler 
Product Details
Price Band Standard
Material Stainless Steel or Durable Plastic
Operation Lever
Outlet Concealed
Hot Capacity Up to 45 cups at one time
Hourly Output Up to 30 Litres per hour
Hot Temp °C 98°C
Colours White or Stainless Steel
  • Small 337(W) x 203(D) x 423(H)
  • Medium 337(W) x 203(D) x 501(H)
  • Large 337(W) x 262(D) x 506(H)
Temp Adjustment No
  • Intelliboil™Plus technology for the efficient management boiling cycle
  • Easy installation with auto-commissioning
  • Integral electronic water conditioner makes the boiler less prone to scale
  • Engineering grade thermoplastic water container for longer life expectancy