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  • Counter Top

    Counter Top Water Boiler

    Countertop Water Boiler for:
    Medium Size Offices
    Large Classrooms or Schools
    School Staffrooms
    Site Break Facilities.

  • Wall Mounted

    Wall Mounted Water Boiler

    Wall Mounted Water Boilers for:
    Large Size Offices
    Canteens and Cafés

  • Eco Boiler

    Eco Boiler

    Wall Mounted Eco Boiler for:
    Medium and Small Offices
    Staff Rooms

  • Under Counter

    Under Counter Water Heater

    Under Counter Water Heater for:
    Medium to Large Size Offices
    Site Break Facilities.

Water Boilers for Tea and Hot Drinks

Wouldn't it be great if you had a machine on the wall or worktop that just gave you instant boiling water for your tea or hot drink without all that hanging around waiting for the kettle to boil?

Wouldn't it be great if your drinking water heater actually worked and wasn't scaled up and there was someone who came along and serviced it and kept it working properly, all of the time?

. . . well now there is!!

A Watering Well drinking water boiler will give you:

  • Simple, instant operation water boilers for tea and hot drinks are ideal for busy offices, shops, factories, hospitals, school staff rooms or canteens.
  • Almost unlimited, instant, boiling water, so no more standing around waiting for that kettle to boil.
  • No need for kettles hidden away next to desks, so it helps you stay health and safety compliant
  • Mains-fed filtered great tasting water.
  • We service, replace filters and de-scale to ensure your hot drinks facility stays in perfect order.
  • Watering Well drinking water boilers have built-in early warning diagnostics, which means that if something starts to go wrong, the heater will carry on working whilst an engineer is on his way.