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Bottled Water Cooler Servicing

Cooler Service & Sanitisation

Watering Well operates an Obligatory Servicing and Sanitisation policy meaning 100% of our rented water coolers automatically receive this service.

In the case of sold water coolers, we will not sell them unless a sanitisation agreement is entered into.

Our reasoning for this is straightforward; our name is on the water cooler and we wish to ensure that the water cooler remains hygienic and our customers can have absolute peace of mind that it is properly maintained, serviced, clean and perfect to use.

How does it work?

Every 3 months we remove all components inside your cooler that come into contact with the water and replace them with a completely new, factory sealed, hygienic set. The water trails we use are broken down for plastics recycling on return.

This ensures the integrity of our water coolers and gives you a guarantee of internal cleanliness. The only thing we ask you to do is wipe over the cooler regularly to keep the outside sparkling!

Patented WaterTrailTM Technology from EBAC

All Ebac watercoolers contain Ebac's patented WaterTrail technology. The most effective way to sanitise a watercooler. All water parts are replaced every time a new WaterTrail is fitted. Pin holes in water bottles will not cause leaks and the Super Clean Manifold system safely drains away spills from bottle caps with no contamination into the drinking water.