WL 2500 Mains Fed Water Cooler

The WL 2500 water dispenser delivers an instant and constant supply of the highest quality drinking water. It also comes in a choice of water variants and can provide chilled and instant hot water through the same dispenser. This enables hot drinks to be made without wasting time waiting for kettles to boil. Because the WL 2500, unlike bottled water coolers, is supplied through the mains, it does away with the problems of storage, lifting heavy water bottles, degradation and sanitisation, not to mention running out. Instead, you get features such as ergonomic design that complements every environment, advanced filtration and ultraviolet technology to guarantee water of real purity: fresh and free from harmful bacteria.

In-Tank UV

In-tank Ultra Violet technology is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to kill bacteria and guarantees water within EU guidelines.

Class A UV

UV light is a the most effective killer of bacteria and viruses when used at a wavelength of 253.7nm (nano-meters). To guarantee total water purity, the dosage of UV light must be equal to 40,000 uWsec/cm2 (40mj/cm2). This dosage factor is a calculation of the intensity of light and the contact time with the treated water and is the fundamental requirement for claiming Class A purification.

BioCote® antimicrobial protection

BioCote® is antimicrobial technology that is incorporated into Waterlogic watercoolers at the time of manufacture. BioCote® inhibits the growth of micro-organisms on the coolers surface.

  • 2 stage purification process including in-tank Ultra Violet technology (guarantees water within EU guidelines)
  • Available in Freestanding or Tabletop
  • Hot & Cold or Cold only
  • BioCote® treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria and reduce cross contamination, which is ideal for hygiene conscious environments.
WL 2500 Mains Fed Water Cooler
Product Details
Price Band Standard
Material Powder coated steel and ABS Plastic
Operation Push Button
Outlet Concealed
Cold Capacity 80 cups per hour
Hot Capacity 20 cups per hour
Cold Temp °C 5°C
Hot Temp °C Up to 93°C
Colours Silver & Charcoal grey
  • Freestanding 345(W) x 365(D) x 1035(H)
  • Tabletop 345(W) x 365(D) x 485(H)
Temp Adjustment Yes
  • Carbon filtration
  • Large drip tray
  • In-tank UV filtration
  • BioCote® antimicrobial protection
  • Constant supply of chilled filtered water
  • Instant hot water adjustable up to 95ºC with safety features: hot and cold models
  • Extra hot facility to boost temperature: hot and cold models