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Drinking Water Fountain

The wall-mounted drinking fountain is perfect for schools as it can be positioned at a height convenient for smaller children. The Drinking Fountain delivers an instant and constant supply of the highest quality drinking water and utilises a direct chill system. Because the Water Fountain, unlike bottled water coolers, is supplied through the mains, it does away with the problems of storage, lifting heavy water bottles, degradation and sanitisation, not to mention running out.

Pure drinking water

The Water Fountain comes complete with a unique filtration system to guarantee water of real purity, fresh and free from harmful bacteria.

High quality

The dispenser is constructed of high quality, plasticised coated steel, making it ideal for locations where high usage is expected, with limited maintenance requirements. The Water Foutain requires plumbed in drainage.

Drinking Fountains for Schools and High Use 
Product Details
Price Band Standard
Material Stainless Steel / Steel
Operation Push Button and tap
Outlet Tap and bubbler
Cold Capacity 25 litres per hour
Colours Stainless Steel / Steel
  • Floorstanding 325W) x 340(D) x 960(H)
  • Wall Mounted 432(W) x 360(D) x 505(H)
  • Ventilated condenser for better cooling / high performance
  • 1 micron carbon filtration
  • Constant supply of chilled filtered water
  • Push button bubbler and sports bottle / carafe filler
  • Freestanding or wall mounted