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  • Waterlogic 4

    Waterlogic 4 Mains Fed Water Cooler

    Suitable for large size offices, schools with 50+ users.

    Freestanding / Tabletop, Hot/Cold, Cold/Ambient or Cold/Sparkling.

  • WL 2500

    WL 2500 Mains Fed Water Cooler

    Ideal in medium size offices, school staffrooms, Site break facilities.

    Freestanding / Tabletop, Hot/Cold or Cold/Ambient.

  • WL 2000

    WL2000 Mains Fed Water Dispenser
    Perfect for average size classrooms or site break facilities with 1-20 users.

    Freestanding / Tabletop, Cold/Ambient.

  • Drinking Fountain

    Water Fountain Mains Fed Water Dispenser
    High volume water dispenser designed to meet significant demand.

    Freestanding / Wall-Mounted




















Mains Fed Water Coolers

From here you can find out all you need to know about the Watering Well mains fed water coolers. You can look at each water cooler in detail to pick the water cooler most appropriate for you.

If you would like a "Free Trial" just go to the free trial section.

The coolers in our range will give you various styling options as well as practical and functional choices.

The main choices you have are whether you prefer:

  • Hot/Cold, Cold Only or Hot, Cold & Sparkling dispensing options
  • Floorstanding or a Tabletop version