F-Max Bottled Water Cooler

Modern stylish cooler, which is slim and fits into most working environments. With the option of personalised, branded panels, the F-Max is perfect for customer facing or high visibility environments.

  • All internal parts replaceable for hygiene
  • Cold & Ambient dispense
  • Nozzle dispense, easy for sports bottles, jugs or cups
  • Integral cup dispenser
  • Please allow 400mm for the height of the bottle.
F-Max Bottled Water Cooler 
Product Details
Price Band Standard
Material ABS Polymer
Operation Lever
Outlet Nozzle
Cold Capacity 1.5 Litres
Cold Temp °C 5°C - 17°C
Colours White or cream as standard
Dimensions Floorstanding 379(W) x 390(D) x 1110(H)
Temp Adjustment Yes
Filtration Air Filtration to 0.5 Microns
Features 16 Different colour combinations - contact us for details
Optional Extras Panels can be branded, to show your colours, design & logo