E-Max Bottled Water Cooler

Our E-Max water cooler combines modern styling with features which make it the most advanced bottled water cooler in appearance, performance, hygiene and ease of use.

Our three monthly service ensures your machine is 100% sanitised and we replace all the parts that come into contact with the water.

There are easy-to-use taps concealed within the machine to stop hands coming into contact with the water outlet ensuring no hand-borne contamination and cups are always on hand with the integral dual cup dispenser holding up to 120 cups.

You can set the temperature as cold or hot as you like with cold water available from 5°C to 17°C and hot water available at 84°C to 93°C with a digitally controlled hot tank that ensures your water is hot enough for any of our in-cup drinks.

And finally, a red ‘drip tray full’ indicator tells you when it should be emptied and cleaned.

  • All internal parts are completely replaceable for maximum hygiene.
  • Available in Floor Standing
  • Hot & Cold or Cold & Ambient
  • Integral twin cup dispenser
  • Europe's No 1 Bottled watercooler
  • Please allow 400mm for the height of the bottle.
E-Max Bottled Water Cooler
Product Details
Price Band Standard
Material ABS Polymer
Operation Push Button
Outlet Concealed
Cold Capacity 1.5 Litres
Hot Capacity 1 Litre
Cold Temp °C 5°C - 17°C
Hot Temp °C 84°C - 93°C
Colours White as standard, see below for options
Dimensions Floorstanding 320(W) x 325(D) x 1000(H)
Temp Adjustment Yes
  • Drip tray full indicator
  • Height Adjustable Feet - prevents the cooler from wobbling on uneven surfaces
Optional Extras Coloured panels are available (Blueberry,Orange,Blue,Green & Charcoal)