About Watering Well

Watering Well Water Coolers Ltd is a leading supplier of bottled water coolers & drinking water heaters across the East & South East of England. We have service partners throughout the UK.

Of course we must provide our customers with the best pricing, but above all else we are founded in the ethic that this is primarily a Customer Service & not just a logistics business.

We believe our customers want water coolers that deliver them high quality drinking water to refresh their staff, from state of the art, hygienic coolers that stand in your business premises, carry on working, give you no hassle & don’t run out. We believe we run our business to make you happy ... is that too much for you to ask?

When you call us, you speak to a human being, not a machine, that understands you and you can understand and above all else listens to what you say.

We like to think of ourselves as experts in our field, our staff and management have a wealth of experience in water coolers. So please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all about water coolers and what is most suitable for you.

Our range of wall mounted and desktop drinking water heaters can be rented or purchased in just the same way as water coolers.

So whatever you need we’ll find the most appropriate answer for you.

  • Don't know which cooler you want?

    Call us on 01473 834150 and we will talk to you about what is most appropriate. Don’t worry – if you pick one type of cooler but later decide another type might be more suitable – we will swap it at any time.