Bottled Water

Get great tasting,

high quality 

spring water with

our bottled water coolers

Mains Fed

Enjoy unlimited perfectly purified water from our mains water coolers


Plumbed in wall mounted, under counter and counter top water boilers

Watering Well Water Coolers

Floor standing and table top water coolers and water boilers with style, quality and efficiency.

Watering Well is a leading mains fed water cooler, bottled water cooler and water boiler supplier across the East & South East of England. Our extensive range of products will guarantee the ideal water dispenser for you.

Hygienic, instant operation water dispensers are ideal for busy offices, schools, gyms, canteens, cafés, hospitals, factories and shops, delivering pure filtered hot, cold or sparkling drinking water to refresh staff. We will deliver the highest quality drinking water to your place of work at cost effective prices. This includes the best service levels, quality machines and ease of installation and usage.

Our water dispensers are available to rent or buy in a variety of options including wall mounted, tabletop, under counter and freestanding.  We also supply a full range of consumables and accessories such as plastic cups and Beca Bins to compliment your water dispenser.

Watering Well also offer a complete service package with no other costs or surprise hidden charges. With our complete service package everything is included, chose any mains fed water cooler or water boiler and it will be delivered, installed and maintained by trained Watering Well service engineers.